Our Program

Before entering the program, each resident must be successfully detoxed from all drugs and alcohol. For Brunswick County/Wilmington (NC) area detox please call The Harbor detox (910) 632-2191

For all other counties please call our office for assistance finding a detox program available to you (910) 287-4357

Brunswick Christian Recovery Center’s primary service is the 16-week residential program it offers. Through the guidance of our specialized recovery program many participants have found freedom from the addictive ways and have been set on track to a more successful life. Each of the BCRC staff has experienced, in one way or another, exactly what it takes break the cycle of addiction in their own lives and has made it their mission to pass this message along to those that are still suffering. 

Key Benefits

BCRC takes pride in its program and has taken this opportunity to highlight some of the key benefits that are provided free of charge to each one of our residents in our 12-week program. 

  • Drug and alcohol test monitoring
  • Recovery conducive environment and a living situation with limited distractions 
  • Continuous exposure to the Bible and in-depth studies of the spiritual principals within
  • Regular time with an NC certified peer support specialist
  • Regular pastoral care and counseling available
  • Specialized introductory training with the 12-step program
  • Regular extracurricular activities and community events to help redevelop social skills
  • GED program with your very own tutor (Brunswick County Literacy Council Partnership)
  • Exposure to community service and fundraising events to help redevelop work ethic
  • Daily church services
  • Daily group meetings 
  • A structured schedule that increases individual efficiency and responsibility
  • Regular team building exercises to reinforce the importance of community
  • Opportunity to grow and develop leadership skills
  • Temporary work scheduled for 2nd phase residents to start a savings account in preparation for their exit
  • Personalized exit strategy 

Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me. 

John 12:26